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Family Preservation Services

The Jungle Room

The CARE Center’s Supervised Visitation Specialists are professional, neutral workers available to observe supervised visits at our center and in the community. Along with parenting assessments and monitored visits, the Specialists can provide information to the Courts that relay the family’s needs through difficult times. If you are in need of supervised visits, contact The CARE Center for more information.


Family Preservation Services are provided to preserve the family unit. Working in-home, the Family Preservation Specialist staff assesses parenting abilities, areas of strength, and areas that need improvement when parenting. Following the assessment process, families work with the Family Preservation Specialist to develop goals regarding parenting, housing, establishing a support system, etc. The Family Preservation Specialist will work with families on issues that affect the family including parenting skills, budgeting skills, and household management skills. Family Preservation services are provided through a Strength Based Perspective. 


The Nurturing Parenting Program

The Nurturing Parenting Program is for parents who want to build a healthy relationship with their children. 

The Nurturing Parenting Group is a FREE 12-week program in the community that takes place four times a year.  In this class parents, will focus on building their child's self-esteem, making connections, communicating effectively, problem solving, and learning from their children. 

The program will address: 
Nurturing Parenting 
Gentle Touch

To enroll in our upcoming class, please contact The CARE Center at 724-463-8595 or register online and a staff member will contact you.